From deep in the forest to our own backyards, birds play the vital role of seed dispersal for continuous growth of plants as they can cover large distances as well as being natures ‘clean up crew’. With the wide array of species distribution in the highlands and the lowlands, Malaysia hosts an abundance of species and it is they which hold the key as an ‘indicator of healthy ecosystem’
Their complex beauty ranges from their colours, sounds and yet some species are surrounded by mystery truly makes this species of the animal kingdom one of the most remarkable photographed species.

Photographing birds and wildlife can either be a gruelling task or a thrilling adventure. Beginning from the preparation, days of traveling, tireless hikes, timeless waits to the actual shot. Photographing them opportunistically is often the methods utilised.

All wildlife species found here are photographed at their natural habitat without altering the natural setting, food bait or (playback) calls. – keeping it natural as it is intended to be.