Visuals filmed in the wild, rendered at 540p or 480p for ease of streaming with original audio. Original visuals were filmed at higher resolution. For more information, kindly contact author.

Why hornbills in Kinabatangan need nest boxes

Bulbul in natural birdbath

Rhinoceros hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros)

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx rufidorsa)

Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) presents its teeth in the forests of Borneo.

A pair of Great Hornbill (Buceros bicornis) locking bills.

Rhinoceros hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros) returns to its nest to provide food to nesting female .

Dusky Langur feeding on young leaves

Wreathed hornbill feeding on fig tree

Black hornbill (F) (Anthracoceros malayanus) on fig tree

Keel bellied whip snake (Dryophiops rubescens) yawning while moving through branches

cruising along a nippah forest

Oriental pied hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris) perched in the rain

Wrinkled Hornbill (Aceros corrugatus) preening

Wrinkled Hornbill (Aceros corrugatus) looking for fig fruits